Tableau Vivant

Tracing the evolution of tableau vivant from medieval origins to modern art forms, exploring its narrative potential and impact on visual storytelling (Cover Image: © Jeff Wall)

Deadpan Colour

Exploring the rise of "Deadpan" photography from its German Neue Sachlichkeit origins to modern manifestations by contemporary artists (Cover Image: © Andreas Gursky)

1976-2024: Modern Colour

Evolution of colour photography in the late twentieth century and its assimilation into the contemporary art world (Cover Image: © Joel Sternfeld)

1935-1976: Early Colour

The evolution and societal embrace of colour photography, from commercial industries to its growing recognition as a legitimate artistic medium (Cover Image: © William Eggleston)

1861-1935: Finding Colour

Capturing colour - from hand-colouring to pioneering experiments in additive and subtractive colour processes (Cover Image: © Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky)